Beer Pong Canada

Welcome to Beer Pong Canada, the home of competitive beer pong tournaments and leagues in the great white north.
We provide top of the line beer pong supplies & party gear to keep you locked and loaded AF.
Beer Pong Tournaments, Tables, Cups, Sweaters, Swim Shorts, Tips, University Guides and much more.

Beer Pong Tournaments In Canada

Beer Pong Canada & lots of other organizations host beer pong tournaments all over the great white north.

Send us a message if you want to list & promote your tournament (for free) through the Beer Pong Canada website & social media!

Beer Pong Table Rentals & Services

Are you looking at hosting an event? Or just looking for a few tables to play with some buds. Beer Pong Canada has you covered. Learn more about our beer pong table rentals and event services.

Whether you’re 12 deep on a friday or balls deep getting skunked. Don’t let anyone kill your vibe. Party on Wayne.”

-Mark Taylor, President of Beer Pong Canada