5 Best Beer Pong Tips

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  • Aim for 1 cup
  • Bounce more
  • Strategize with you partner
  • Shoot with 3 fingers on the ball
  • Lift more

Beer pong can be a surprisingly challenging game, these are the top five beer pong tips to transform you from amateur to elite.

1. Aim for 1 cup, not the entire formation.

AT first glance it may seem like a good idea.  You see 10 cups in a neat triangle in front of you, may as well put a good arched ball up in the air in that area and hope for the best.

THIS actually works pretty well, I tend to do this too especially on the first few shots when I have a full rack.  Throw up a high arch just planning on it to slide nicely into a cup and for the most part it works.  

HOWEVER the majority of the shots we’ll take will not have a full rack, and the most important shots have very few cups.  Have you ever had a weird formation and it seems like every-time you shot you landed in the gaps?  This is a result of area aim, not cup aim. 

SO in order to win games, and become an elite beer pong player we need to aim for 1 cup at a time.

2. Bounce more. It’s worth 2 cups and is more likely to go in.

DOMINIC Spadacene a mathematician took it upon himself to calculate the actual statistical chance of sinking a beer pong cup.  Ask men wrote about his work in this article. Long story short he found that the highest chance you have of sinking a cup is 40%

NOW that is pretty low, but we can improve our chances of making a cup by bouncing. Why? Well a decent timed bounce does two things:

  • Reduces the horizontal speed of the ball
  • Increases the downward angle of the shot (because it’s slowing down)

HENCE this means a bounce shot will have a higher probability of going in.

BUT wait

A bounce shot is worth 2 cups!

WHICH is why this may be the most important tip, bouncing more increase your chances not only to make a cup, but to make 2 cups with one shot.  If you want your bounce shot to not be blocked your should calling beer pong plays with your partner. (LINK TO BEER PONG PLAYS POST)

3. Strategize with your partner, create plays & signal calls.

IF you’re looking to improve your game, sneaking in those bounce shots, and same cups are critical and can really turn a game around.  But when it comes to bounce shots they can be blocked. So how do you confuse the other team so they are unaware of a bounce shot coming? Or better yet get them to block a ball mid air and get a guaranteed cup penalty?

I introduce play calling.  It’s just like you imagine it too. Get your best Andy Reid strategy mind on and design play calling on every play. Yes every play, because if you just play called on the bounce shots they would know a bounce shot is coming.  

HERE is some play calling strategies:

  • Use the key phrase “Big Bubba B?” *partner confirms* when you bounce, then try to draw an interference and not bounce it when you call it a third time
  • Step on the person’s shoe who should bounce *partner to verbally confirm* That way no one can see how you’re actually calling the bounces
  • Screw with the other team, just call and confirm / deny a bunch of nonsense all game.  They’ll try to figure out the patterns but it really means nothing.

4. Shoot with 3 fingers on the ball, not 2. 

YOUR girlfriend may say different, but she isn’t here reading this knowledge bomb know is she!?

TWO finger throws can drastically change your shooting angle unexpectedly. Put a third finger on the ball to steady it and you’ll start being instantly more accurate on a throw to throw basis. 

FYI this is a common mistake, so if you see your partner doing it let them know or send them a link to this article.

Mark from Beer Pong Canada conducted a study with 3 test subjects drinking buddies where each person threw 100 balls, with no given instructions.  It happened to be that they all naturally shot with 2 fingers on the ball.  Mark then gave them an Unfiltered Brewing beer as a reward and break. After that Mark convinced them to shoot 100 more balls, this time giving them direct instructions to shoot every shot with three fingers on the ball.

Amazing each of the test subjects Mark’s loser friends experienced a 5-25% increase in their shooting percentage. Proving that once again, you get better after a beer when shooting with three fingers on the ball.

5. Workout.  Just kidding; why have a 6 pack if you can have a keg instead?