BarSports Inc. is open to investors of all sizes, backgrounds and experiences. We invite you to join us down the exciting path of the first functioning AI video analysis. And developing the world’s next professional sport league. By investing you’ll become a part of the vision that the organization is heading towards.

Investors can inquire and obtain pitch decks by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Our vision

BarSports Inc. envisions a world where one of the most commonly played games (beer pong) develops into a global professional league. The business has two main pillars:

  • In person events
  • Artificial intelligent video stat analysis

AI Video Stat Analysis

The sports meta data industry is big business, but is very behind from a technology point of view. The industry currently employs thousands to watch live sports, input data, and quality checks. Including Beer Pong Canada’s own leagues and events, all stat data is manual and tedious work.

So we asked:

Could we have a video feed that automatically reports player and team stats?

This initiative evolved out of our own problems; getting live player data from intelligent software. The future of sport meta data technology will be AI.

In Person Events

Our bread and butter and main focus. Finding niche popular games and developing competitive and fun leagues around the globe. Beer Pong Canada is where it has began, and we are currently planning the expansion into the USA and beyond.