Content Creator / Curator

Beer Pong Canada is a “startup” company that has been around for 10 years. We organized competitive beer pong tournaments in; Alberta, B.C., Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. We also are an e-commerce store that sells products.

I (Mark) am looking for intern / part time people to join our team as content creator / curator.

You’re Interests:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk – I (poorly) try to take his advice, hopefully you can help here!
  • Sports; staying in touch with Barstool sports, bleacher report etc
  • Social media
  • Becoming or getting on the path to get your name known in the content and social world

You’re Good At:

  • Creating original content
  • Sourcing unique content to repost
  • Finding funny, interesting or sharable ways to repurpose content
  • Generating original IG story ideas
  • Working remotely / part time
  • Working without any direction

Extra Awesome:

  • You’ve ran instagram / facebook ads before
  • Live in Halifax
  • You like being in front of the camera

Day in your life:

You go to school, or work notice something unique on Instagram that could go on the brand, so you go and post it! Maybe one day you think of a great idea for an original video, you either request someone else to go film the video or you can take it on yourself and film someone else.


Our e-commerce store is brand new, and has so far brought in $0. We make money when we put on our tournaments. What I’m getting at is that this is an unpaid position, but this is what we can give you:

  • Revenue splitting from tournament profits
  • Revenue splitting when we start to make e-commerce sales
  • Help with ANYTHING going on in your life, want to learn how to make a website? Need free hosting? A drive to go surfing in Lawrence town? What can we do for you! Please ask and I’ll do my best!
  • Support to help improve your business / content creation skills
  • A reference / proof of your marketing and content creation skills

To apply please email me a blurb on who you are and your resume (optional) to