Singles Rules

Most Beer Pong Canada events have single competitions. Singles rules are the same as team rules.

Team Rules

Official Beer Pong Canada rules for games and tournaments. Use these for your own!

House Rules

Don’t let some snowflake kill your party. Print out these rules so EVERYONE knows whats up.

Beer Pong Rules Table Of Contents


Do you think that “death cup” should be added as a rule? This is when a cup is sunk but not removed, if that cup is scored again the game is automatically over. DM me on instagram @BeerPongCanada and voice your opinion!


Beer Pong Canada has worked with sport design scholars, and competitive beer pong players from Canada, USA and South East Asia to refine our official beer pong rules.

The objective of these rules is to identify the most skilled team. Reduce luck, reward skill.

Our rules are always open for input / discussion.


2.1 Equipment

  • Balls – two 40 mm 3-Star
  • Table – 244cm L x 61cm W x 70cm H  (8’ x 2’ x 27.5”)
  • Cups – 16 oz. stainless steel Beer Pong Canada cups

2.2 Beer Pong Setup

  • 10 cup tight triangles are formed on each side.  Base of the triangle is ~3cm from the edge of the table
    • A team may request to tighten any formation anytime
  • Teams of 2, will stand on the either end of the table
Starting team will be determined by a game of rock paper scissors
  • Objective is to sink the beer pong balls into the cups on the other end of the table

2.3 Cups

  • To abide with laws all official tournaments in Canada play with water in the cups, filled to almost half way to ensure they won’t be tipped over


The team who wins rock paper scissors will get to shoot first.  

Shoot with elbows behind the table.  This doesn’t have to be exact.

After both players shoot, the cups that have been scored on will be removed from the triangle.  Then the next team will shoot.

3.1 Shooting

  1. Bounce shot = 2 cups, the ball can be blocked after the first bounce.
  2. Regular shot = 1 cup
  3. **Both partners make their shots; in different cups = 2 cups and balls back as the team is awarded another shot (one for each player).
  4. **Both partners make their shots in the same cup = 3 cups and balls back .

** If one of the shots in 3 or 4 was a bounce, add 1 more cup value to 3 and 4  

** If both shots in 3 or 4 was a bounce add 2 cups to 3 and 4

The maximum score in one turn is two bounce shots that land in the same cup = 5 cup value.

3.1.1 Shooting Time Limit

Each player is expected to shoot within a reasonable amount of time. If any players are concerned about delaying games they can pause the game and bring their dispute to an official.

If players are found to be intentionally delaying games or not shooting within a reasonable amount of time penalties may be incurred. Penalties could include; miss of 1 player’s shot, missing a team’s shots, cup penalties. This is up to the discretion of the Beer Pong Canada official.

3.2 Shooting Matrix

“BB” indicates Balls back where the team gets to shoot again.

PlayerSinks 1Bounce ShotTrick ShotMiss
Sinks 1Dif Cups = 2 (BB) Same cup = 3 (BB)Dif Cups = 3 (BB) Same Cup = 4 (BB)Dif Cups = 2 Same cup = 3= 1
Bounce ShotDif Cups = 3 (BB) Same Cup = 4 (BB)Dif Cups = 4 (BB) Same Cup = 5 (BB)Dif Cups = 3 Same Cup = 4= 2
Trick ShotDif Cups = 2 Same cup = 3Dif Cups = 3 Same Cup = 4Dif cups = 2 Same Cup = 3= 1
Miss= 1= 2= 1= 0

3.3 Balls Back

  • BB in the shot matrix indicates “balls back” where both players get to shoot again
  • You can get balls back unlimited times

3.4 Blocking & Trick Shots

  • A ball may be blocked or swatted after it has made contact with a cup or table.
  • This means bounce shots may be swatted or caught after the first bounce.
  • If a ball is blocked or swatted before bouncing off a cup  or table that is a 1 cup penalty.
  • Spinning balls may be flicked out while still spinning. Any disputes on if the ball touched water will be awarded to the shooting team (the cup is sunk), refs have final say.
  • Spinning balls may not be blown out.
  • A trick shot is awarded if a ball rolls back on the table to the shooting team. Ground is dead. Trick shots do not count toward balls back rule. Trick shot = 1 cup.

All cups knocked over while attempting to block a ball will count.

3.5 Declared Bouncing Player

A player is allowed to declare themselves at the start of a game as a bouncing player. They can then bounce on every shot and it can not be blocked. That player’s bounce shot will be worth only 1 cup. Regular shots are not allowed.

3.6 Formations & Rearranges

Each team is permitted 2 rearranges per game. With the following restrictions:

  • No rearranges  between shooters (shooters gonna shoot)
  • No rearranges on redemption
  • No rearranges on balls back
  • No rearranges in overtime
  • The rearranges can not be taller than the initial pyramid
  • The formation must start from the back of the table
    • E.g. 3 cup pyramid can not be pulled forward
  • No shooting while rearranging – if done purposefully that player loses that shot. Any discrepancies will be a re-shot or penalty at the referee’s discretion.

A team at any point may request the formation to be “tightened” or “re-centered”.

3.6.1 Permitted Formations

Other formations are permitted, as long as they are within the formation rules as outlined above.

3.6.2 Forbidden Formations

3.7 Removing Cups

  • Cups are to be removed from the field of play after both players have finished shooting
    • Any cup that is physically sunk must be removed. All other cups (from same cup or bounce shots etc.) removed can be picked by the defensive team.
  • Balls are to be automatically removed
    • Shooters must allow the team to remove the ball before shooting

3.8 Distractions

  • Must be behind the cups
  • If a shooter hits a body part that is not  behind the cups a 1 cup penalty will be enforced – does not count towards balls back rule
  • Props are permitted
    • Props must remain behind the cups
    • Props must not displace any air which would affect a shot
    • Lights are not permitted
  • Players and spectators must not visually block the cups
  • Distractions should be legal, call the police office (not 911 idiots) to ask them if you’re not sure.

3.9 Knock Offs & Knock Ins

  • Cups knocked off the table (by a shooting ball) will be a re-shot – all cups should have ample water in them so that they should not be knocked off. Any player may request a top up
  • If the defensive team knocks cups over on their own side all cups knocked off will count
  • And team member unintentionally acts as a backboard and the shot goes in that shot will count
  • Knocking over cups while rearranging does not count
  • Knock offs by non-players will not count and shall be refilled and replaced

3.10 Leaning & Elbows

  • Shooters can lean as they wish as long as their elbows are behind the table
  • Shooters elbows must be behind the table plane when shooting
    • If you’re shooting on a slight angle your elbow still is to be behind the table

3.11 Interference & Ball Dipping

  • If a spectator interferes that will be a re-shot
  • If a ball bounces off of objects that are resting on the table (out of play cups or beers) before entering a cup that will count
    • Extra objects are not allowed to be placed on the table e.g. can’t make yourself a backboard or place objects between your formations
  • If a player has possession of the ball and that ball is intentionally or unintentionally dropped or dipped into a cup there is no penalty
  • Cups must not be adjusted once players are shooting
  • The table cannot be bumped or moved while shooting
  • Any purposefully caused interference by the defense will not count, a re-shot will be awarded. Unless it goes in then it will count.


When a team sinks the last cup, or more cup value than what remains on the table. They have put the defending team on redemption.

To make it off redemption, and push the game into overtime a team must sink the equivalent value or more of cups that have been sunk. Each player shoots until (s)he misses. Once a player misses they can not shoot again.

4.1 FINISH HIM! – 1 Ball Redemption

If a team sinks more cup value than cups remaining the defending team will be on a 1 ball redemption.

For example; if Team A has 1 cup remaining and sinks same cup, then Team B will only be allowed 1 player to participate in redemption. That player must sink all remaining cups to push the game to overtime.

4.2 Redemption Examples

  • 1 Cup remaining, Team A sinks last cup. Team B must sink all remaining cups or more
  • 2 Cups remaining, Team A sinks same cup (3 cup value). Team B must sink all remaining cups with 1 player (1 ball redemption)
  • 3 Cups remaining, Team A sinks same cup. Team B must sink all remaining cups or more


The team who scored the initial redemption gets to shoot first.  OT is 3 cup triangle centered and at the back. All other rules apply (except no rearranges).

2nd OT period is one cup vs one cup. Golden Goal.



  • Streaks (hot or cold)
  • No islands
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct; whipping balls, fighting etc.

All players are encouraged to be extravagant AF and embody their own character to the fullest. However we expect that all players are respectful to all spectators, players, venue employees and officials.


All disputes or concerns should be brought up to an official ASAP. Games will be considered paused if any players wish to discuss issues. All calls made by an official will be considered final. Officials have the power to eject any player (and subsequent team) on any grounds.

Players / teams can issue an investigation with Beer Pong Canada to be reconsidered if they believe incorrect rulings or game violations were conducted. If Beer Pong Canada considers the investigation valid that team could be issued spots in later tournaments.


  • If a team doesn’t report to their game within 10 minutes that game will be forfeited
  • If a team is missing a player they may proceed to play with only 1 player (and 1 shot per turn)
  • Any players or teams that are escorted out of the venues will forfeit their games – special consideration may be allowed, you can bring up any issues with Beer Pong Canada officials

Please contact Beer Pong Canada if you have any questions on these rules.


You get 2 balls per turn. The rest of the rules remain the same. Any questions please contact us to submit your singles rules feedback.

Beer Pong Rule Amendment History

April 8, 2019:


If a team scores more cup value than remain = game automatically over, no redemption eg. 2 cups remain they score in the same cup (3 cups value) then the game is over and no redemption is allowed.

Replaced with:

If a team scores more cup value than remains = 1 ball redemption only See 4.0 REDEMPTION

March 14, 2019:

Added “Declared Bouncing Player” rule. 3.4

Feb 4, 2019:

Added beer pong shot matrix to easily identify what you + your partner’s shots add up to.

Feb 4, 2018:

Removed blowing spinning balls rule. Flicking is only permitted for spinning balls.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing or taking and modifying our rules is acceptable. Please just link back to our page as a source as our rules are copywrited. For example; These rules are based on Beer Pong Canada’s Official Beer Pong Rules. Or We will play with Beer Pong Canada Official Rules.

You can download and print any of our beer pong rules and distribute it to the players at your tournament. AND if you’re playing with our rules you can apply here to get your players and results listed and have them earn BPC points.

Alternative Beer Pong Rules

These are some other sites that have beer pong rules. We’ve written a small blurb on what our opinion is after analyzing each rule set. These rules are a great starting point, but there are many principles that they use that sway the game in favor of specific attributes. For example they allow leaning so taller players do much better. Also there are rules that seem to reward chance and not skill.