How Do You Set Up Beer Pong?

Beer Pong is set up with 10 cups in a pyramid formation on each end of the table. With the tip of the pyramid facing the other end. There are 2 people per team and 2 balls. Each person on a team shoots once per turn then the other team shoots.

For the full instructions on how to play beer pong you can read our how to article or watch our youtube video.

What Happens If You Knock A Cup Over?

If a defending team knocks a cup over, that cup will count as a score and be removed. If a ball thrown by the opposite team knocks a cup over, that will be re-shoot. However the cups should be filled enough so that it is not possible to be knocked over.

What Are The Official Beer Pong Rules?

Beer Pong is played with teams of 2, on an 8 foot long table with 10 cups in a pyramid formation on either side. Each partner takes a turn shooting a ping pong ball into the other team’s cups. If a cup is sunk then that cup is removed from the game. The first team to sink all the cups wins.

For a full in depth list of the official beer pong rules you can read or download the Beer Pong Canada Official Beer Pong Rules. Or watch our youtube instructional video.

How Many Cups Do You Use In Beer Pong?

Official Beer Pong Canada and WSOB events are played with 10 cups for each team in a pyramid formation. However it is common that fun or casual beer pong games will be played with 6 cups for each team in pyramid formations.

Can The Ball Bounce In Beer Pong?

Yes at any point in beer pong a player may choose to bounce the ball into the cups. Which is worth 2 cup value. Except for trick shots where bouncing the ball does not count as a trick shot. However the defending team is allowed to swat your ball after the first bounce.

How Many Times Can The Ball Bounce?

In Beer Pong Canada Official rules the ball can be bounced as many times as you want. The defending team is allowed to swat your ball away after the first bounce.

What Happens If You Bounce A Ball?

When you bounce a ball in beer pong your chances of sinking a cup go up. The bounce slows down the velocity of the ball and increase the arch angle. If you sink it you will remove 2 cups. However the defending team is allowed to swat your bouncing ball after the first bounce.

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What Is The Island Rule In Beer Pong?

The island rule in beer pong is when you have 1 single cup alone, and all other cups are touching each other. If you call island and sink the lonesome cup, every other cup is removed. If you miss the shot or land in another cup your partner looses their shot.

If you don’t call island you are shooting as a regular shot. And you can only call island once in a game.

Beer Pong Canada does not recommend playing with the island rule. None of our official tournaments or house rules include this rule. That many of these calls result in luckily making a the island shot. Also even if you do hit 1 cup, why should all 3+ remaining cups be removed? We do not have a valid reason to support this rule, and hence do not include it or recommend playing with it.

What Is Redemption In Beer Pong?

Redemption in beer pong occurs after the opposing team has sunk all cups. You and your partner have 1 shot each in redemption. If you make the shot, you keep shooting until you have sunk all cups, or miss. If you both miss without sinking the remaining cups, you lose the game.

Once you have sunk the rest of the cups you are no longer on redemption and the game goes to over-time which is 3 cups each.

Can You Swat A Ball In Beer Pong?

No you can not swat a ball that is being thrown in beer pong. You also can’t move any cups or blow the air while a person is shooting a ball. You can block a ball when a shot is bounced, or after it hits a cup. Then contact or swatting of the ball is allowed.

Can You Bounce On Last Cup?

Yes you can bounce on last cup. According to Beer Pong Canada’s official rules bouncing is permitted on any shot, except trick shots.