Welcome to Beer Pong Canada‘s ultimate guide to Calgary’s Pizza rankings.

I fucking love pizza.

You probably love pizza too. Comment on this page if you disagree or want me to try new places or retry old places.

Best Pizza in Calgary Rankings

RankingShopPizzaStyleDateRating & Comments
#1BocceAnyFancy20219/10 – Bocce is CLOSED which is a pitty. It was hands down my favorite in the city.
#2BlazeAnyFancyJan 20218.5/10 Blaze has the look and feel of a fast food shop. But there’s a reason it’s so busy. I know it’s a chain but they REALLY do pizza right.
#3Una Pizza & WineAnyFancyMarch 20217.6/10 Una is legit pizza. Nothing to complain about and hard to say what they need to do to improve.