Welcome to Beer Pong Canada‘s ultimate guide to Halifax Pizza rankings. I fucking love pizza. You probably love pizza too. Comment on this page if you disagree or want me to try new places or retry old places.

Best Pizza in Halifax Rankings

#1Morris EastLumberjack8/10FancyMar. 2021Very good, this is what you want from a good pizza shop.
#2Salvatore’sSun-dried tomatoes and artichokes7/10FancyMar. 2021Wish their pizza selection had more meats on it. I put prosciutto on this to kick it up a notch
#3Tomavino’sPizza con Carne6.9/10FancyishMar. 2021Extremely well done za.
#4Randy’s PizzaPepperoni6/10Thick & GreasyMay 2021Actually not that greasy. Randy’s is my go-to pizza place in the city.
#5DominosAnything5.5/10Thick & GreasyFeb. 2021
#6Snappy TomatoChicken Shawarma5.5/10Thick & GreasyApril. 2021
#7Peter’s Pizza??4/10Thick & GreasyJan. 2021
#8Stone PizzaChicken wing pizza3/10Thick & GreasyJuly 2021Need to work on the crust. It was too thick and dry. Felt like a soft pretzel consistency. Toppings are great though.
#9Scillian PizzaCustom3/10Thick & GreasyOctober 2021Pizza corner is ironically named. Because most of the pizza there is crap. Unless you’re blackout drunk then it’s UNREAL.

Halifax Pizza Rankings (Picture & Review)

Best Halifax pizza - Randy's

Randy’s pizza is my go to. Really enjoy the little dough ball in the middle.

Halifax Pizza rankings Scillian

This is Scillian pizza from pizza corner pictured here. It’s alright but if you’re just visiting Halifax go try Morris East which tops my list so far.

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