These are Beer Pong Canada’s highest quality ping pong balls 40mm, 3 Star, made of the professional standard ABS material.

Also YOU GET 60 BALLS that way you’ll never have to worry about finding the ones under your couch.  Or if you have a dickhole roommate that always crunches the balls when they lose.

With 60 freaking balls you’ll never run out… until you do. Then just send this product to the biggest sore loser you know to replace your balls that they broke.

Message to sore losers

Hey dude. You’re probably reading this because your friend, room mate or house mate sent you this link to tell you to go buy some balls. Here’s the thing, being bitter about loosing is fine! You’re competitive and that’s a good thing. However it is about that time that you open up the wallet and replace the balls that you’ve been breaking over the years. Here’s the upside though, NOW you can break as many balls as you want! Whip them at a cat, crush them after EVERY loss. Whatever. You bought them, so take full advantage of your semi-unlimited supply

Bulk Ping Pong Balls specs

  • Includes 60 balls
  • All 3 star (highest quality)
  • 40mm (professional standard)
  • Made of ABS material (as of 2017 this is the new standard for ping pong / beer pong balls)

Shipping Your beer pong balls

Give us like 40 days to get it to you because we procrastinate a fuck ton, and don’t keep these big bulk things in stock.