Do your teeth look like a piano smashed up with an axe? Then you may be a red neck. Are you collecting caps for an art project you’ll never finish? Ever split a beer because you tried to open a beer with another beer?

If you answered yes to any of these question, or if you want a wall mounted beer bottle opener.  Then this is the opener for you. It looks dope AF with a heavy cast iron opener, you can attach it to a nail on your wall.  I personally found that hanging it from the back is not very secure. So I highly recommend removing the back mount, and drilling in two screws right threw the wood into the wall.

Beer Opener Specs

  • Color: Wood colour
  • Material: Fir wood + iron
  • Size: 120*70*300 mm / 4.7*2.8*11.8”

Wall mount features

  • Unlike your 3 point shot this won’t get rusty
  • Is it eco friendly?
    • I dunno, sure. It’s metal and wood. So it’s better than plastic I guess.


Not going to lie, it’ll feel like forever since we ship all over. Expect it to take 15-30 days because we procrastinate a fuck ton.