I had my worst beer pong performance ever, but it was a fun night overall. Next year I plan to switch back to my regular partner get some practices in and go deep.

  • GRAND PRIZE $2,000 CASH & Champions Trophy
  • Cheap beer
  • $4,000 in cash prizes
  • Tons of draw prizes and giveaways


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What’s the Atlantic Championships of Beer Pong?

The Atlantic Championships of Beer Pong is a yearly beer pong tournament held across Atlantic Canada and hosted by Beer Pong Canada.

This is the opportunity for you and your beer pong partner to represent your university, college, or hometown at Canada’s biggest beer pong tournament.

If you’re a skilled beer pong player this is your time to shine. 

Features thousands in prizes, including $4,000 min in cash prizes. 

There are full individual and team stat analysis and standings from every qualification events and finals.

Allowing you to compare and contrast against the other teams you’ll be competing against in the finals.

The champions earn the SOLO CUP trophy, cash, and all the glory and respect knowing that they are truly the best beer pong players.



If you ain’t first you’re last.

Stephen – SFX

We’ve got the best team name & costume so at least we’ll walk away with the mini fridge.

Ashwin & David

I play at every pre-drink. And won a St. Patty’s day tournament. Can’t wait to win this money too!


I’m just here for the cheap beer.

Matt – Dal

What Is The Format Of The Atlantic Championships Of Beer Pong?

Stage 1: Qualifications

You can qualify for the [year] Atlantic Championships of Beer Pong in 3 ways:

  • Finishing in a qualifying spot from a qualification tournament
  • Finishing in a wildcard position from a qualification tournament – random draw for 2 wildcard positions
  • Winning the “Buy In” mini tournament – a 6 team single elimination tournament for the remaining 2 spots
Qualification EventTeam LimitQualifying Team SpotsSingles LimitNumber of Qualifying Singles
Halifax Round 1
Halifax Round 2505206

You can enter as many qualification tournaments as you’d like. Your highest finish will be used as your seeding for the Finals.

college beer pong player sinks it in his own cup

Any teams that can’t make the championships will be replace by the next highest seed from that location. If teams are tied via seeding there will be a random draw that will occur on instagram

Wildcard Spots

Wildcard spots are typically teams that just missed the qualifications but you may also be considered if:

  • You have placed top 8 in multiple qualification events
  • You have placed within 2 positions from a qualifying spot
  • Your cups / game team stat is the highest of all eliminated teams from your qualification event

The official wildcard eligible team list will be released 3 days after the final qualification round. The wildcard draw will occur live on instagram.

Where Can I Register For A Qualification Event?

There are 6 qualification events across Atlantic Canada in every province except for Newfoundland (sorry Newfies but there’s a big ass ocean between you and our beer pong tables).  Each qualification event gives you an opportunity to make it to the finals in Halifax.

Stage 2: The Finals

The finals include 32 teams in double elimination tournament. The singles (1v1) tournament includes 32 teams in a double elimination bracket.

Seeding will be determined by qualification results.

The finals of the [year] Atlantic Championships of Beer Pong will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Coming to a qualification Tournament or finals and want to drink for free? You can help with registration, updating scores, replacing spilt cups, or refereeing.


The Atlantic Championships of Beer Pong Finals has thousands of dollars in cash and swag to give away to the competitors.  

First Place Grand Prize (Finals)

The Atlantic Beer Pong Cup trophy. Glory of being the best beer pong team in all the land. Champions snap backs, $2 000 cash. Win this + The university cup to earn $3 000 cash

Second Place (Finals)

$300 cash, finalist snapbacks, and your parents will finally be proud that you almost made something of your life.

Third Place (Finals)

$200 cash and snap backs.

University Cup

Teams that rep their university or college are eligible for the University Cup Award. Get crowned as the best university beer pong team.  This award is given to the team that proceeds the furthest in the tournament, along with $1000. Must rep a university or college to be eligible for this.

Best Dressed

Best dressed from the finals takes home a mini fridge and $200. Best dressed in qualifications will be given draw prizes from our sponsors.

Draw Prizes

All beer pong athletes are automatically entered for draw prizes from our sponsors & Beer Pong Canada. Including Beer Gear and a Beer pong table.

First Place (Qualifications)

EVERY qualification event gives $200 cash to first place

Second Place (Qualifications)

EVERY qualification event pays out $80 to second place